Thursday, November 01, 2007

30 Mile Bread!!!!!

I got this fabulous piece of grainy news today in my e-mail from Jonathan at True Grain Bakery:

In celebration of last weeks amazing 'Bread & Wheat' festival in Victoria, we baked our first batches of bread from the Red Fife wheat test plot that Tom Henry grew at Lamb's Leap Farm in Metchosin this past summer (exactly 52 km from Cowichan Bay), to great success.

For as long as the limited harvest lasts, we will be baking a batch of '30 Mile' 100% Whole Wheat Bread on Fridays and have it available Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings - $5 for a 720g loaf. (You might want to call ahead to reserve your loaf 746-7664). Please spread the word to other folks interested in local food production, and lets keep this exciting initiative growing!


True Grain is in Cowichan Bay Village and you can't miss it. Just let your carb-hungry belly lead you there. I sent an email to Jonathan about purchasing any of the locally grown flour from him. I'll relay the answer to you all.
Thank you T
om Henry for taking a chance and planting a test plot. Let's hope that this is a sign of yummy and local things to come.

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Mary said...

I totally in support of the 100 mile diet, however, the waste of gas and increase in emissions for each and everyone to travel, say to Cowichan for True Grain bread is discouraging. Perhaps we could get together bulk buying and distribution here in Nanaimo(co-op style).