Tuesday, November 20, 2007

100 Mile Peasant Food

It's finally getting to be snuggly comfort food season! Last night we had homemade perogies and borscht made with island grown ingredients. Pretty much everything except for the flour in the perogy wrapper came from a local farm or my own garden.

The perogies are a great way to use local potatoes. I prefer to use the starchy potatoes like russets for perogies. I also used local cheeses, local smoked bacon and parsley from my garden in the perogies. I made a huge batch of perogies a few weeks ago and threw them into the freezer. So much yummier and better for you than factory made perogies.

Here's Kevin enjoying his platter of perogies. I know, he's in the living room but the dining room is way too cold and drafty to enjoy these comforting morsels.
The borscht was made with local onions, beets and cabbage from local farms, locally smoked pork ribs and hot peppers from my garden. It pretty much follows my Fast & Dirty Borscht Recipe.
Have a great week!

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k said...

Do you have a recipe you use for the perogies? I would love to try making my own, but am looking for a starting point.