Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hiding out in the mountains

I've been hiding out in the mountains for these past few weeks. These last number of years, a battle has raged behind the scenes that has prevent me and my beloved from pursuing our true journey. That battle has come to an end finally and we are free to continue our path. The mountains have been calling us and finally we are able to call back.

But on the 100 mile diet front:
- Start planning your gardens for the year. Seedy Sundays/Saturdays are near. Keep an eye open for them in the local papers.
- Prepare your soil for your new plantings.

I received this reminder from Dirk Becker of Compassion Farms regarding the
new Farmers Market at the Bowen Road location.!!!!!:
hello again folks
just a friendly reminder!

this fri feb 29th at 7pm is the Bowen Road Farmers Market Inaugural planning meeting

we are:

forming a farmers market society

creating a board of 7 directors

and we are asking for input into the creation of the constitution and for the rules and guidelines of the market

please come early (before 7) to allow time to socialize
those of you who have not indicated you are coming
please let us know now so we bring enough coffee, wine, cheese, etc.
also please send this invitation to anyone else that you would like to see at your market

In October we had a very successful Farmers Showcase that attracted more than 3,000 people! We were able to showcase products from local producers and gauge the public's interest for a Farmers Market in central Nanaimo.
The Mid-Island Co-op is happy to host our new Farmers Market at the Bowen Road location.
The Bowen Road Farmers Market will commence after Mother's Day, on Wednesday May 21rst from 4 - 7pm.
This gives farmers more time since many of them will already be doing two markets in Cedar, Duncan, Qualicum, etc.
It also gives us a few more days for it to be warmer and for there to be more produce.
A group of dedicated people are in the process of creating an official association and we would like to invite you to the inaugural meeting on Friday, February 29th at 7pm to kick off your new market. We want and need your input!
Please let us know either way whether you are able to attend (especially in consideration of refreshments).
Please let us know how many weeks of the market you would like to sign up for.
Please send us your input if you cannot attend.
At the meeting, we will all vote in a board of directors, ratify the constitution and establish market rules.
some of the items we have considered so far :
- market times? 4 to 7 pm
- successful markets generally have 80% farmers and value added, the remainder being 20% artisans (make it, bake it, grow it)
- no dumping (low prices) or "distress sales" (such as having an extra 100 cabbages and selling them too cheaply)
- end of the year surplus monies from fees can go towards a project that supports agriculture, like the purchase of land for community gardens or McSeeds
memberships $20 per year
weekly fees: (prepaid)
12 weeks $12 per week
24 weeks $10 per week
drop in:
members $15 non members $20
Date: The inaugural meeting is Friday, February 29th
Time: 7pm
Location: Bowen park (not Beban) in the clubhouse at the end of the bowling green.
To confirm your participation in this meeting, the market, give input or for more information, please respond to this email or call
390- 5199
We look forward to your participation in this inaugural meeting of your farmers market!
Yours in service,
Dirk Becker

I'll be back in a few weeks with stories and pictures and tales of my 100 mile diet on the road.