Thursday, June 14, 2007

Calling All Oceanside Farmers

First some PSAs:
Anna Massara is looking for farmers to join the Farmer's Market at Rocking Horse Pub in Nanoose Bay. The market runs every Sunday from 11am to 3pm. This is the first year of this farmer's market and she's still looking for vendors to join.

For more information, please contact Anna at 250-954-0064.

Nanoose Edibles ( 1960 Stewart Road in Nanoose Bay) has a bumper crop of strawberries already coming up. They're looking for part-time berry pickers to work for 3-4 hours a day for a good wag . Students are welcome and they would encourage youth from the Nanoose Bay area to apply. They will provide the training and they can start right away. For more information, please contact Barbara Ebell at Nanoose Edibles at 250-468-2332.

Last night I was flying solo. DH was away on secret superhero business, a reconnaissance mission in fact. I myself spent much of the evening fending off one deadline after another. Why do they come all at once??!?

I didn't get around to dinner until 9:30pm and all I wanted to do was sit back and knit. Dinner was a simple affair of chinese dumplings and greens. The dumplings were made with locally raised pork and veggies. In the waning light of twilight, I harvested the greens from the garden. The dumplings were harvested from the freezer :p

Cooking was nothing more strenuous than dumping the dumplings into a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes and then adding the greens for a minute of boiling at the end before tossing everything into a bowl. A glug of oyster sauce finished it off.

With a yummy dinner in my belly, I shut down most of my cerebral operations for some no-brainer sock knitting. I managed to get the calf and heel turned before began nodding off. Unfortunately, my no-brainer knitting didn't magically lead to a fruitful bout of sleep knitting. For those that are wondering:
-Magic loop on 2.5 mm Turbos
-Top down with a short row heel
-2x2 ribbing
-some Norwegian sock wool from my stash (bought in my pre-100 mile fiber days)
- 3 needle bind-off
If you didn't understand any of that, consider yourself one of the lucky ones :p

This morning has gotten off to a fabulous start. I began the day with a blissful breakfast of strawberries from my garden which I enjoyed on my front porch looking out to a sunny coast. I'm ignoring all those grumpy grey clouds that are looming behind the house. They can grump all they want. Nothing can put a damper on blissing out on a bowl of ripe, juicy island grown berries.

My tomatoes were also enjoying the sunny morning. Despite the cooler than usual weather, the tomatoes are hanging in there.

Have a fabulous day everyone!


Nanaimo's 100 Mile Diet Challenge

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