Monday, March 26, 2007

Wrapped Up Weekend

What an awesome, non-stop weekend!

I hope everyone else had a great first weekend of spring. The whole world seems to be blooming mad right now. It’s one spring chore after another. Who in the world put a freaking revolving door on my to-do list???

I got the silly notion that the windows are a bit meh and next thing you know, not only am I washing the windows, I’m also doing the floors, polishing the bathroom fixtures, mending fences and scrubbing down our front porch. And that was only Friday afternoon. I used the remainder of Friday evening to finish getting ready for this weekend’s fiber fair and to put the final finishing touches on my Arachne capelet:

For more about the fiber swap and sale and my capelet, check out 100 Mile Fiber Fest.

Right now I’m running on fumes. Friday night was a bed tossing insomnia riddled night and as soon as I dozed off, the alarm went off. I tumbled out of bed and to help set up for Saturday’s fibre sale. I managed to keep myself semi-chipper and awake throughout the day thanks to a steady supply of coffee and enthusiasm where ever I turned. Once back home, I remembered that I was supposed to drop something off downtown after the fair so I put my tired feet back into my shoes and trundled back downtown. I can’t remember the walk except that it was really low tide at the seawall. The only reason I remembered that was that it was really stinky.

Finally back home, I put my feet up and do some knitting. My body had other ideas and within minutes I was out cold. DH woke me up when he returned from his Saturday dealings and adventures just in time for me to realize that had I no idea what to do for dinner.

Thank goodness I squirrel away food during my less sleep-deprived periods. I pulled out a package of homemade whole wheat torillas, made with True Grain bakery’s flour, and a packages of bison smokies from Island Bison. I threw the whole deal into a couple pans and popped them into a preheated oven. I had just enough energy to crack opened up a jar of pickled spicy veggies I canned over the summer and we had ourselves a simple but filling meal.

In celebration of our wedding anniversary today, we went out for anniversary wander up to the ridgeline of Mt. Cokley on Sunday. It was pouring rain at sea level but up there, it was snowy and windy and a brisk –2C. The snow pack was perfect and I got to work my French technique step work on some pretty steep slopes. It was also my first full-on play day with my Valentine’s Day present, a Black Diamond Raven Ultra ice axe (so very sexy). The axe is absurdly light. It even got to see some ice time as we traveled up some ice covered bluffs.

We got home half past late and I still had some tortillas leftover from the night before so I made up some fajita filling with a moose steak, also from the freezer’s belly. I broiled the moose for 4-5 minutes each side. While that was cooking, I sautéed up some local onions, peppers and mushrooms. A pinch of chipolte pepper, cumin, salt and pepper was all the seasoning it needed.

To end it all off, some chocolate-blackberry sorbet made with an organic bittersweet chocolate, organic cocoa powder, a couple shots of Cherry Point’s blackberry dessert wine and some diluted simply syrup.

I’m off to make gnocchi for my anniversary dinner. DH has promised that he was going to return with stinging neetle for tonight’s meal.

Have a delicious day!


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