Friday, March 23, 2007

Eric Praline would be horrified

Don’t tell Mr. Praline but I think I ate one of his pets for dinner. On my way home, I picked up a whole halibut from the store. From the pile of halibut, intuitively picked the one that was the least flat. I couldn’t tell for sure if it was Eric the Halibut since it had been decapitated.
I hope he won't be too upset. I have a quarter of a slug (such a tragic lawnmower incident) for him if it will make him feel better ;P

I love that Monty Python skit. I actually started humming “Eric Half a Bee” when I saw the halibut in the cooler. For all those that have no idea what I’m talking about or think that I’m looney, just watch Monty Python’s ‘Fish Licence’ episode. It’s my favorite Eric Praline episode. Yes, I like it more than the ‘Dead Parrot’ episode.

Fresh Pacific halibut is one of the many yummy signs that Spring is here. Like other fish, I only buy halibut whole, thanks to my Chinese upbringing. Fortunately for me, the halibut they bring into the store are a bit on the measly side, a mere 10-12 lbs compared to the honking 400 pounders that can be found out there.

Buying fish whole also is cheaper in the long run. The initial cost of buying that much halibut can be a wallet bender but it does work out to huge savings for a fish like halibut. Look for flesh that is firm and skin that is relatively unscarred and intact. If the head is still on, check to see that it’s squished together eyes are clear. I have the fishmonger cut it into steaks for me and squirrel away what I don’t need right away into the freezer.

I didn’t get to making dinner until 9pm. I don’t know what happened. Someone must have taken time and put it into the washer and dryer and shrank it. Between getting ready for tomorrow’s Fiber Swap and Sale, chasing away an looming work deadline, dealing with the riff raff, and looking for my favorite pair of socks it got late. I didn’t realize how late until DH started giving me hungry puppy dogs looks and started whimpering for food.

Luckily fish cooks up fast and within 15 minutes I had dinner on the table:

In another 15 minutes, this is what was left of dinner:

LOL! I didn't realize how hungry I was until I started eating :)

Halibut is best prepared simply, IMHO. No fancy sauces, no shmancy preparations. Nothing more than salt & pepper and a sprinkle of seafood rub (if you want) onto the halibut before pan-frying it , 4 minutes per side. Along with some organic barley and garlicky kale from the garden it was a tasty end to the day.

As mentioned, I’m going to be held at the Nanaimo Fiber Swap and Sale on Saturday. It’s being at St. Paul’s Church in downtown Nanaimo from 10am to 2pm. Drop by the 100 Mile Diet and Fiber table and say ‘hello’.

Also, tomorrow is Shutdown Day.

So shutdown your computers and go out and enjoy spring's arrival.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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