Friday, February 16, 2007

A Sugar Glazed Day

On the way back from a visit to the Comox Valley, my wonderful DH picked up a bag of my favorite donuts from the Cumberland Village Bakery for me. You can keep your pre-fab frozen chemically bloated franchise doughnuts, these are the real thing. These donuts are legendary and have been much sought after for 80 years. The current owner is making sure that this yummy yeast-based, freshly-cooked donut tradition lives on. If you’re ever in the Comox Valley, drop by the bakery at 2757 Dunsmuir Avenue. You’ll never go back to those deep-fried cotton candy chemical confections from you know where. IMHO, there's a huge difference between a yummy melt-in-your mouth goodie and a pillow of hype that dissolves the instant it hits your tongue and leaves you in insulin shock.
Lee's donuts in Granville Island and Honey's in Deep Cove are my favorite spots for a donut when I'm visiting Vancouver. Check out these places for a real Canadian donut experience.

(Sigh. So simple. So good)

Yesterday I popped over to Nanoose Farms (1060 Stewart Road in Nanoose Bay)for an interview with Kait Light from Shaw TV about the 100 Mile Diet. While I was there, I bought some veggies from their farm stand. The farm opens regularly on Friday to Sunday for the winter. There was lots of salad greens in the cooler, plus Little Qualicum cheese, free-ranged organic eggs, collard greens, carrots, beets, sunchokes, onions, apples, and winter squash, all of it organic. They also carry hazelnuts, prepared dressings, honey and blackberry syrup.

(Nanoose Edibles veggie treasure)

To all those that say that lettuce can't grow here the winter. There's a bounty of salad greens in the Nanoose Edible's cooler case that says otherwise.

On the way home, I popped by the Shady Mile farm mart to pick up some local smoked bacon (for a Happy Chinese Year of the Pig breakfast). They have a huge variety of BC grown apples, from Jonagold to Mutsu to Empire apples. In fact, I didn’t see any imported apples at all, only BC grown. Yippee!!! What a nice change from the supermarket produce aisles that are brimming with imported apples from New Zealand to China to Chile and a only one or two local options.

I think it’s time for my coffee & donut break :p

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year weekend and have fun bringing in the Year of the 100 Mile Pig. Remember to celebrate with 100 mile pork, beef, chicken, eggs, bison and lamb along with 100 mile veggies, wine, cheese and other local goodies.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Nanaimo’s 100 Mile Diet Challenge

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