Monday, February 19, 2007

Should've stayed in bed

(at least the winter greens got to enjoy the sunshine)

Even with a blinding headache whooping my ass on Friday and Saturday, I still held onto the slim chance that I could at least do some alpine hiking on Sunday on Mt. Arrowsmith. Sunday morning greeted Nanaimo with a bouquet of sunshine. Unfortunately, I woke up with echoes of the same freaking headache and a body bloated with malaise. Kripes! I could have gone to the Global Film Festival or even popped over to the mainland to join in on the Chinese New Year festivities with the family if I had known that I wouldn't be climbing. I chalked it up to another of the universe's lessons. (Doesn't the universe take a day off? Sheesh.)

Unwilling to let such a beautiful, sunny day go to waste, I strapped on my walking shoes and head out for a brisk walk on the seawall. It seemed that all the dogs in the city had the same idea and had dragged their owners down with them. There was everything from a pack of yappy hairless Chihuahuas to a pair of regal looking Great Danes and everything in between.

By the time I reached the library, it was apparent that my internal thermostat was busted. I was shifting from fevered sweats to clammy chills. My head felt like it was filled with helium and I knew I had to abandon my plans of an afternoon rifling through the shelves of downtown Nanaimo’s library, used book stores and consignment shops. Obviously, I still wasn't learning my lesson that day and the universe was sending me to the cosmic principal's office. The walk back home, usually a short 20 minute jaunt, seemed like a marathon in my mind. I called DH for an extraction and within minutes, my knight in dark armor came and whisked this rusty queen away.

After a dose of oil of oregano, I spent the rest of the day sequestered on the couch with endless mugs of DH’s super concentrated ginger honey tea and my knitting. Listening to my freshly downloaded Lucinda William's album 'West', I let my body and spirit settle into a evening of slow healing. Through the fevered haze, I managed to knit up the bottom half of the back panel of my Honeymoon sweater. I can’t remember how many times I had to frog it in order to get it right, it’s all a febrile blur.

This morning, I woke up feeling better and it seems my internal thermostat has been recalibrated. Still a bit meh but so far, no headaches, no chills, no fevered sweats and body aches. Knock on wood. Anybody wanna join me for some trail running around Westwood Lake? (Dear Universe, I'm just kidding. )

Happy Eating!

Nanaimo's 100 Mile Diet Challenge


Gina said...

How I love a strong tea of ginger and honey! It really cures whatever ails! I hope you continue to feel better. The honeymoon sweater is coming along!

abby said...

zoiks, i know that "meh" feeling. the sweater is already a beauty.
how is the new lucinda, i heard it is a tribute to her mother. i wasn't a huge fan of her last cd "a world without tears"...but i do love her earlier stuff
mwah and loads of honey and ginger and goodness