Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy 100 Mile New Year

Hope you all are recovering from the big feast. We certainly ate our fill.
I brought over a cranberry-apple-walnut-hazelnut cake made with island grown fruit, nuts, eggs, milk, butter and flour.

Unlike all the nightmares X'mas family dinners that I hear about, these family feasts are wonderfully soap opera-free. Pretty freaky, eh?

If your still looking for some local bubbly to start off the new year, my in-laws started off their X'mas feast with a bottle of Zanatta's Brut which was quite lovely and festive and all locally grown!
DH's idea of sweeping me off my feet.

So to everybody, have a great new year's. Be careful and party safe. I wish you all a new year filled joy and look forward to sharing my next year of great adventure, great food and great love with you all!

Happy eating!

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Krista said...

I am so impressed with your site. And with the cake and all its local ingredients. What has particularly prompted me to comment is your mention of island grown flour. All the other things listed I can wrap my brain around, but where did you manage to find (or grow yourself?) flour? What kind is it? Do you mind telling me where I might find some? Thanks!

Fellow (aspiring) locavore.