Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wonky belly and sock fever

Well, it's been an very unpredictable summer, to say the least. The weather has been flippant, to say the least. Work has been a deluge of out of the blue deadlines and last minute project changes. My top secret superhero work have been steady all summer long. We've also been running up and down the island and across the water for family stuff from both side of the family and to see friends from Japan.
Wouldn't you know it, just when the weather finally starts looking like summer, I got sick over the weekend. Not just 'meh' sick but puking my guts out for a whole ferry ride stomach flu sick. The fact that the ferries were running late didn't help either. There was a frightening moment when the packed waiting room was queuing up to board the ferry and my wonky belly my I had to decide whether I ought to get in the front of the line and risk puking while waiting in line so as to ensure a seat by the washroom or to stay in the waiting room washroom, hovering over the toilet and wait for all the other passengers to file in before boarding and hope that there was a seat by the washroom. The ferry ride was a blur of stomach flu bleariness. I managed to crawl home by midnight with my throat bruised from dry heaving and flop my queasy body into my bed.
I'm not very good at being sick. I can't stand just sitting on the couch all day waiting to get better. With the stomach flu, there is no other option. I could barely sit up on Monday without my head and belly doing backflips. Yesterday, I managed to get some ginger ale and a few water crackers into me. Today, the backflipping belly has quieted down to a wonky belly but a killer headache has moved in. It feels like someone has plunged an ice axe into my left frontal lobe.

Needless to say, I don't really have an appetite. In fact, I still get a bit queasy watching food commercials, especially fast food commercials. But for the rest of you who still have a healthy appetite, eat up! The summer bounty is rolling in. I hear that blackberries are in full glory out there!

DH has been a perfect darling, bringing me ginger ale, making sympathetic soothing sounds whenever I start whining about my wonky belly and migraine crushed head and making sure that I'm comfortable. I guess I'd better get working on his next sock project.

He finally took the handknit socks I made for him for a test hike. He loves them and can't stop raving about them. He's been asking for a pair of mountaineering socks like the ones that the old school alpinists use to wear. So I figured since the LYS was having a sale, I'd go pick up a couple balls of yarn in manly black and light grey and do up what I figured would be a relatively simple sock for a second pair. When I returned home, he gleefully brought out an old school mountaineering book and point to a picture and said, "These. These are the socks I want! I want Gaston socks"

Here is the picture he showed me:

A close up of the 'Gaston Socks':

My man definitely believes in the adage : Go big or go home :)
So after a spell of me asking, "These?!? You want me to knit you these? Are you sure? You will wear these if I knit them for you? Are you certain? Really? You want these? These are what you've been wanting all this time?"
Obviously, I needed more yarn than I had bought. I returned to the LYS with the book in hand to give the ladies at the yarn store a giggle or two. Believe me, when they say that picture, they had a few giggles at my expense. Oh well, I'm just thrilled that he wants something more exciting than just another ribbed sock. Now I've just gotta draw up that pattern...

Ok. That's it for now. My head is getting woozy again. Hope everyone else is doing better than I am out there. Hope to be back in the swing of things next week.

Take care,


abby said...

oh my feel better sweetie!
we're off to san fran until monday
hope to see/speak to you soon
xo a

filambulle said...

Those socks are unbelievable!
I wish my man wanted anything othe than hat. He says handmade socks are not soft enough for him!!!
But these... I may want them for me!
xo from switzerland