Friday, April 13, 2007

Recharging the Energizer Bunny

I barely managed make my work deadlines this week but it’s done and I have the rest of the weekend to recoup. No deadlines, no housework, no social obligations for this kid. DH is safely sequestered away in a video game coccoon. Just a weekend for myself to recharge my batteries.


It’s a sloppy, chilly Friday the 13th. Here’s how it looks outside my window:

I’m spending the rest of the afternoon here.

Looking out at this lovely tree.

Working on this.

It’s the sleeve design I’ve decided on for the 'Broken Brocade sweater.' It took a couple of different tries but I think this pattern will look best. It provides a nice, elegant pattern without taking away from the torso or adding too much ‘noise’ to the overall piece.
It’s also an easy peasy pattern that lets my tired brain coast for a few hours.

I’ve even been too tired to actually cook. Last night I decided I’d just cobble together a leftover soup from this past week’s dinners that includes:

A couple links of local sausages cut up into bite sized pieces.

The last spoonfuls of orzo with stinging nettle and locally grown pesto.

The vegetable dregs of a moose pot roast. Local veggies, of course.

A bunch of organic collard greens from Nanoose Edibles farm. $2.50 for a huge bunch! Wheee!

Tah-dah!!! Soup du leftovers ;)

I have a pot of it to feed me for a few days. It’s just the sort of soup for early spring to help recharge my body and spirit.

I've received a really cool invite for a spinning and knitting evening at a nearby town. I might make a weekend out of it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Anna said...

Hi Jen!

The soup and sweater both look amazing. I have a couple of questions for ya, though:

1) where, if I wanted to do such a crazy thing, would I go to find stinging nettles? (I promise I'd wear gloves!)

2) how do I get in touch with Jinglepot apiaries? I'm getting all socially responsible about sweetners right now, and the distance sugar has to travel . . . but I have this wonderful amish friendship cake sourdough starter than requires input . . . AK!

Hope the weekend was as rechargy as you needed it to be :)