Friday, February 10, 2006

Citius, Altius, Fortius, Knittius

The Torino Winter Games are to begin today! How am I acknowledging this celebration of human ability? I'm knitting a skirt. I've joined the Knitting Olympics. This event put together by the Yarn Harlot, dares and challenges all knitters to knit a piece that will begin no sooner than the lighting of the Olympic flame and must end before the closing ceremonies.

I'm going to be making a 5-paneled A-line knee-length skirt. I'm going to be using Sirdar Donegal 'Tweed' yarn in Grass. It's a mashine-washable wool blend and will be ready just in time to meet Spring. I picked up a whole swack of it last month at Mad About Ewes big clearance sale.

There are no rules other than the start and stop time. Any knitter embracing the Olympic philosophy of "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (faster, higher, stronger) and is ready to let the next 16 days get sucked around a pair of knitting needles and ball of yarn is welcome to join.

Part of the deal is to also challenge yourself with a project. If you're a first timer, then a simple scarf may be challenging enough. For me the challenge would be that I don't have a pattern to follow and that I've never made a skirt in this manner before. So this project depends a lot on trusting my gut instincts. Once I have my first panel done, I'll have a better idea if my initial plan will work or not.

Right now, I need another cup of coffee. This month I'm working my through the Saltspring Island coffees. Their Sumatra roast is very fruity.

Go Team Canada!
Update: Here's the skirt. Unfortunately, the yarn wasn't the best choice for a skirt for me. It didn't drape enough and was a bit thick for my liking.
This skirt eventually got frogged and turned into the Fiddlehead jacket


Anonymous said...

go jen go, i can't wait to see your skirt sounds wonderful!
i miss you!!! do you ever check email, geez sista. get in touch.
xo abalicious

Cin said...

LOL. I was surfing through the French Chic posts I get in my email, clicked on your site and ... hey! I'm doing the Knitting Olympics too! AND enjoying the fabulous SSI coffee the DS picked up.

Go Team Canada!